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30 June 2006 @ 09:27 am
How Amusing!  
Well, I just decided to check over my own journal, and in doing so I discovered that back in November of 2005 I had made ten entries -- all on one day -- that were empty. (Well, they contained x's, apparently designed as placeholders.) Talk about feeling odd as I stared at these...

At first I couldn't imagine why I'd have done such a strange thing. Then I recalled that I'd planned to use each of these entries as a place to put up various links. You see, at that time I had a free account, which only allowed me to add five links to my journal. So doing this was basically a way around that restriction. (At the time I was also experimenting with ways to make navigation at LJ both easier and better.)

It no longer matters actually. I recently decided I'd make my blog the advertisement version here at LJ. (In fact, changing to that may be one of the only things I've done here during 2006.) Anyway, the change means I'm not limited to five links. (Though I'm not certain if there is some other limitation on the amount of links I can add.)

But it was still odd to come across ten entries that were full of x's and nothing more. Considering my mindset at that time, I had to briefly wonder if I'd done this as some odd emotional outlet. (Yes, I find that amusing.)

For the record, I don't really post much here that isn't available to all of my friends -- or that's entirely public.

So if you happen to see that I've posted on any given day, yet you can't read an entry, it probably means I was testing something that I wanted to post to one of my communities. This means I made a private post that only I could see, so that I could make sure an entry was displaying correctly before putting it at the community in question. (Do others do this, too? I guess I'm curious...)

Obviously I should delete such entries, but I don't always remember to do so. (I just came across one for l_j_for_dummies that had me confused for a moment -- until I remembered why I'd posted it inside my own journal.)

On another note, it's been my job to manage the 'dummy_maintain' (dummy_maintain) account, meant to be used by all of the maintainers at l_j_for_dummies. The problem is that I so infrequently even check my own email, so I'm terrible about checking the email for that account! I just discovered that Yahoo had made the account 'inactive.' (By the way, when you reactivate an Yahoo email, why do you have to go through the process twice? I'm rather annoyed by the redundancy. And as I'm always letting my account go inactive, I'm pretty familiar with this petty annoyance.)

Maybe I should put another maintainer in charge of the email account...

Back to investigating my blog, I guess. (I wonder what other interesting and confusing things I'll discover?)
Mood: amusedamused
Stalker Extraordinaire: YOU. Yeah YOUpetarpan on July 23rd, 2006 10:24 pm (UTC)
So doing this was basically a way around that restriction.
Bad boy. Issues with authority?

Yeah I make posts private sometimes while they are works in progress then copy paste the code to a community or unlock the posts. I also make some posts private when I want to save something that is not Jared related or that I dont have permission to repost (typically a fic).
Stalker Extraordinaire: Hydepetarpan on September 11th, 2006 07:17 am (UTC)
Back again just to see if you'd written any more. I don't really agree that "Obviously [you] should delete such entries". It's your journal.

And I wish you were more present in it :P