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30 June 2006 @ 08:44 am
Time, Blogging and Miscellany  
I'm stunned to discover that I haven't updated my journal since December. Half a year has literally flown by without a single entry.

While I've been busy sorting out my life and discovering exactly how tied I am to my spiritual needs, things appear to have been changing here at LJ. It looks as if I need to spend several hours trying to read and catch up.

Yes, I still long to be involved with various communities. I'd like to spend time on my art and in some way incorporate that effort into my journal. Not sure how, though. My previous artistic flair went into icons to some degree. That's about it.

I have spent some time reading blogs during 2006, though not here at LiveJournal. But I have become more familiar with the use of blogging as a communication tool. It's interesting to see how many political forces have gone into blogging!

I've never seemed to be able to quite make the transformation -- bringing my writing online. I've been willingly writing all my life, certainly. Yet somehow I don't seem to bring those many thoughts and observations to my own blog. (Funny how I've never even thought about my journal here as a blog, or writing in it as blogging. It's interesting that my research away from LJ has changed my perspective.)

Actually, time has gotten away from me this year. Though I've been involved in reasonable introspection, I haven't managed to reflect on my personal journey through writing. Not even writing of the non-blogging variety.

I feel as if it's finally time for me to make an effort here, as I'd planned back in December of 2005. Being on line has gained me some interesting friendships and interactions that I sincerely value.

For those who have asked, I have indeed continued a pattern of prayer as part of my lifestyle. This isn't strictly a case of not being able to teach an old dog new tricks. (Humor intentional, yes.) For me things simple flow better if I maintain a schedule that includes prayer.

I really need to expand on what I mean, for those who might be interested. (Or just for my own benefit, perhaps.) For the record, I've always favored structured prayer, rather than any loose-form meditation methods. Meditative prayer certainly should not be confused with meditation -- and decidedly not with meditation as practiced in Western society!

But don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to the practice of meditation in whatever form. My questions circle around whether or not meditation is being used as a spiritual expression and action, as opposed to a non-spiritual one. (I've encountered quite a few people who meditate, yet are strongly anti-religious, for example.)

And in speaking of being anti-religious, I remain surprised by the extent men (by which I mean mankind) will go to in opposition to any given tenet. Is it really that much easier to damn a thing than to attempt to find something worthwhile to be in favor of? This might be worth exploring at greater length in another entry...
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Stalker Extraordinaire: Switchbackpetarpan on July 23rd, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)
Do you mean things flow better because of prayer and what it means to you or because of the structure it fosters? What is structured prayer?

Most of the people I know are anti-religious or don't give it a second thought. What do you see as the difference between 'religious' and 'spiritual'?