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31 October 2005 @ 01:55 pm
An Enlightening (?) Meme to Share...  
The following was gacked from shirasade. Feel free to share in your own journal. (I find myself FASCINATED by the 'questions' being asked here!

Bold all that apply to you:

You've ever sold drugs.
You've ever done any drugs, not including alcohol or cigarettes.
You still do any drugs, not including alcohol or cigarettes.
Someone you were close to was murdered.
Someone you were close to committed suicide.
You, or someone you were close with, has seriously thought about or attempted suicide.
(No, NOT me!)
You've stopped someone from committing suicide.
Someone else stopped you from committing suicide.

Many, many more here

You've ever cheated on someone.
(Define 'cheating,' please!)
You've ever been cheated on.
You've ever been the "other guy/girl".
You're a virgin.
Someone in your close family has or had a drinking problem.
You're scared you might end up with the same problem.
(Well, I've been there, anyway. But these days I feel tremendous control and have no issues with drinking.)
But you're still drinking anyway.
(Rarely and in moderation.)
You, or someone you're close with, suffers from a mental illness.
You, or someone you're close with, suffers from a physical disability.
You grew up in a violent household.
(My father was violent. But it was a constant issue.)
You grew up living with someone other than your biological parents.
You've ever been out of the country.
(Which country? Anyway, yes.)
You've ever almost died.
You take any daily medications.
(Who doesn't these days? Even vitamins could be included here...)
You've ever been hospitalized overnight.
You've ever had to go to the emergency room for an actual emergency.
You've ever been arrested.
You've ever been on probation.
You've ever been in jail, and not just visiting.
Someone you were very close with moved far away from you, or you moved far away from them.
Most of your family lives in the same general area of the country as you.
Most of your family lives elsewhere in the country.
You've ever met someone famous.
You've ever seen someone die.
You've ever seen a dead body, and not at a wake/funeral.
You've ever been seriously injured.
Someone you know has ever overdosed.
Someone in your close family has or had a drug problem.
You have a close family member (father, mother, siblings, etc) that you do not know.
You've ever had sex with someone who's name you didn't know.
You've ever had sex with a stranger/someone you just met.
You've ever had a one night stand.
You've ever been in a car accident.
You've ever been on a plane.
You've ever been a victim of or witnessed a violent crime.
You've ever committed a violent crime.
You've ever broken the law.
(I suppose this depends on what 'law' we're referring to, of course. I've broken my priestly vows when I was a priest. On occasion I broke what I would think of as Church 'law.' And I've even broken actual 'laws' of a country I resided in -- nothing outrageous, though...)
You've ever had food poisoning.
(Who hasn't?)
You've ever had a serious illness.
(Basically I'm a very healthy person, however, and fight off illness easily.)
You've ever been in love.
You discriminate against any group(s) of people.
(I feel if we're being HONEST, we all discriminate against others. It's unfortunate, but I'm not sure it's avoidable... Of course, it also demands explanation of how we define 'discrimination,' doesn't it?)
You've lied at all during this game.

You are a practicing member of any major organized religion.

I could easily write non-stop to explain the things I bolded. And I found it IMPOSSIBLE to do this without including explanation for many of them, as you see above...

The 'questions' are interesting, aren't they? And the wording is unusual (close family, for example). But I like memes that reveal more about people. I still love knowing others better. (I suppose that will always define me.)
Mood: curiouscurious
Bobbybobbylovesmusic on November 1st, 2005 06:21 am (UTC)
Wow. I wonder if I could do that one. I think its really interesting and I'd like to know more really.