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12 September 2005 @ 11:18 am
I'm not really sure how this works, but I've been tagged to answer some questions by just_jimbo.

Because I'm currently asking and trying to answer many life questions, I found this quite appropriate...

Yes, Jim. I'll play.

Name your favorite:

Soothing Sound:
I used to find all of my soothing sounds inside a church. Unfortunately, this hasn't been true recently. At the current time I'm finding soothing in the sounds of nature. Wind rustling tree branches, for example. Rain on the window and roof.

Comfort Food:
I've struggled with using alcohol for comfort and found little true comfort in it. And I've struggled with excesses with food, as well. But I admit to loving hot chocolate on cool or cold days. And pizza is a dandy way to drive away the blues...

Relaxing Music:
I've listened to a variety of music my entire life, including some amazing church music. But for years I've found pop music relaxing, uplifting and comforting. (I'm especially fond of the Backstreet Boys.)

Gentle Voice:
At the current time I don't have a gentle voice in my life. I think I could use one, though.

Calming Smell:
Incense. It always was and probably always will be.


What five fandoms would you like to get into but can't:

I don't know if I'm really involved in any fandoms, frankly. I enjoy reading fanfiction and have dabbled in writing some of it, as well, but I have limited free time.

I don't attend fan related gatherings, though I once had lunch with a friend who was attending a fan convention. It was fun seeing the costumed people and feeling the excitement in the air!

I've tried to spend more time on line, but so far I've failed this goal. I haven't given up on it, though.

The various fandoms fascinate me, I have to admit. I'd like to share the feeling of community that clearly exists and discuss various fanfictions, so I might try to be more involved in the future.


Ten Random Facts:

1. I was raised from childhood with the expectation I would become a priest. (Not uncommon in many Catholic families, by the way.)

2. I've been questioning my calling for several years. No, that's not very random, but it's on my mind most of the time right now. It's less grim than it probably sounds, though. (Actually, many religious go through this, so I've been trying not to assume the worst.)

3. I love art. I love to draw and paint. I love to view art and can spend hours in a gallery or museum.

4. I love to work out. I especially like running or jogging, because I get this amazing feeling of freedom when I run.

5. As a rule, I literally spend hours of my day in prayer. (That's aside from the usual requirements of my office.)

6. Though I was never actually an alcoholic, I've had problems with drinking too much.

7. I have a bad sweet tooth and go on candy eating binges that are a bit frightening!

8. I enjoy manual labor. I like getting dirty while I work. (I have little opportunity for either, I'm afraid.) I'm pretty good with a shovel!

9. I've always had friends of all ages and from varied backgrounds, but I've started to be wary of spending time with young men and children of either sex. It's seems almost impossible to avoid accusations if a priest even places a hand on the shoulder of someone under 18, so I've stopped touching young people entirely.

10. I love the fall. I love the changing colors and the chill in the air and the smells when I walk down the street.

I'll tag:

This was interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for the tag, Jim just_jimbo.
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Jimbojust_jimbo on September 13th, 2005 06:30 am (UTC)
Thanks for doing this. It was fascinating to learn more about you. You seem very thoughtful and articulate. I can't imagine what it's like to struggle with something you've worked for your whole life, and I have nothing to say except something lame like 'hang in there.'